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We all need a place where we can find good healthy products, including the best water possible…which is the first step! Being that source for your community is not only a needed service (essential business!) but a ministry as well. What goes into our bodies, whether we eat, breathe or drink it, determines our health and well-being.

Are you interested in starting your own business? Everyone knows about location, location, location…but, today you have to consider other factors such as is the business essential, do you have a product that everyone consumes and will the consumer continue to consume it? YES, YES and YES with Blue Jug!

Blue Jug Markets are here to help, and your community needs a Blue Jug.

For more information fill out the form below. We will send you a reply email that will give you an insight to what is needed financially, etc and to ask you a few more questions. If you like what you see and want to continue with the process, we will send you additional information about what is included with our water system and then schedule a time to meet via in person or online using Zoom. 

Will you be the next Blue Jug store owner? 

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